The #1 patient fear we encounter every day is fear of “the needle”, or fear of “not being numb enough” for the procedure. When our patients are not comfortable, neither are we! If there is anything we can PROMISE to our patients when it comes to “numbing”, it is two things:

  1. We will utilize EVERY new technique and/or technology to improve patient comfort during times when we have to use “the needle.” This includes topical anesthetic, smaller gauge needles, warmed anesthetic, and other techniques to help block the perception of pain in the sensory nerves.
  2. If a tooth is not “numb enough,” we will IMMEDIATELY pause the procedure, evaluate the tooth in question, and re-administer anesthetic if needed to make the tooth “more sleepy.”

At our office, we use very effective anesthetic and anesthesia techniques to make your visit to the dentist as comfortable as modern dentistry can allow! We know how important this is for our patients, and always strive to the max to alleviate this fear in our patients.